#MiPacked - Travelling with Lulutrixabelle

What are your essentials? What can you not leave the house without? What's your must have backpack-sized essential if you were stuck on a desert island? We want to know the answers to all the essentials of the backpack enthusiast - what they bring to the gym, to school, to New Zealand, when they're touring. The list goes on as does the wonderful things people do in the world, and what they bring with them.

#MiPacked is part of our campaign to see what we bring to fuel our busy lives, introducing people from all walks of life.

Today the very colourful blogger Lulutrixabelle introduces what's in her bag and what she is planning to bring on her trip from the UK to Thailand. The 23 year old does it all, experimenting with colour in any way she can, from designing and blogging to festival going and travelling. We love her colourful outlook on life and this is something we want to always celebrate at the Mi-Pac headquarters, so when Lulutrixabelle showed us what's in her Hologram backpack we had to share it!

"I am DREADING my 11 and a half hour flight. I managed to find a cheap direct flight with British Airways but it means no stopover to break up the loooong journey to Bangkok. I can barely stand a 4 hour flight, let alone one this long - its the furthest i've ever flown. Now I have no fear of flying, the actual flying/height part doesn't phase me. I just HATE being uncomfortable - I can't even sit still in a cinema for a 2 hour film, my legs seize up and my back aches. But most of the time I have my boyfriend next to me to lean on, so I am dreading being confined to a tiny little seat for so long."

"The bag I've decided to use is this beautiful pink holographic backpack by MiPac. I own two more which I use all the time - they're the perfect size for travelling, festivals, commuting etc. This will become my day backpack when i'm exploring cities, hiking and going to the beach. The two zip handles mean it's lockable with a padlock, so you can rest assure it won't be tampered with when you're exploring - this is a big must for me, as i'm such a safety freak."

Read more on Lulutrixabelle's blog about what she keeps in her Mi-Pac.