#MiPacked - Day to day with the Young Eccentric

What are your essentials? What can you not leave the house without? What's your must have backpack-sized essential if you were stuck on a desert island? We want to know the answers to all the essentials of the backpack enthusiast - what they bring to the gym, to school, to New Zealand, when they're touring. The list goes on as does the wonderful things people do in the world, and what they bring with them.

#MiPacked is part of our campaign to see what we bring to fuel our busy lives, introducing people from all walks of life.

Today we're with The Young Eccentric. It's all in the name with Sabrina, a girl who doesn't shy away from colour and embraces all things crazy and carefree. When Sabrina isn't blogging, dotting around the fashion weeks around the globe, she dabbles in modelling and styling on the side. As you can imagine, in her Silver Kit bag there is nothing of the ordinary. She's gone retro with the Gameboy Color, she's snapping with her Polaroid, there's her eccentric-worthy Krusty the Clown case... it ALL adds up to everything that makes The Young Eccentric so charming and memorable!

"At school my classmates used to tease me about my ‘evacuation bag’. A bag that was forever with me, probably on my lap that was filled to the brim with items for ‘just in case situations’. Therefore, whenever I sat down (with my bag) they would all tease “Oh I see Sabs has got her evacuation bag at the ready”."

"If you haven’t guessed from that my bag is usually filled with basically a ton of stuff you don’t really need… or do you? Backpacks are ALWAYS my bag of choice and I am so happy companies like Mi Pac are around so that I can have a snazzy one and not another boring backpack."

"With it’s pebbled silver (some would say alien baby inspired) exterior and uber cool draw string design it’s definitely one hell of a stylish bag.  It is brand new and from Mi Pac's SS16 collection. And I would go as far to say “my neck, my back, my Mi Pac and my snacks” is basically all I need this Spring. 

So without further ado ‘Welcome To Mi Crib, I mean Pac”..."

Head over to The Young Eccentric's blog for an amazing breakdown on everything that's in her Mi-Pac and why!