#MiColours - The Navy Hearts Collection

Where do you see colour? As part of our new #MiColours movement, we're looking at all the colours and all the inspirations we see every day - every where - in every thing. At Mi-Pac we've always loved celebrating creativity, trying to create bags in every colour known to man in all shapes and sizes. We want to share with you a little insight into our buzzing brains on where we find our inspiration.

Blue and gold. A classic combination, reminiscient of new years eve and all sorts of celebrations. Confetti and glitter, fireworks and tinsel, blue and gold is a combination which is ALWAYS associated with the good times. We looked to find where else can we can see the colours of blue & gold around the world, and thought about the beaches and the seaside. Golden sand and ocean blue are the ultimate pair for a peaceful time, and there is rarely something better than hitting the waves at the crack of dawn!

Furthering the love for celebration, there's Pancake Day. Golden pancakes doused in golden syrup topped with blueberries. The food equivalent of our Navy Hearts collection. Pancakes on the beach this summer?

The Navy Hearts is a highlight of our SS16 collection. It's new but embodies all of our Gold collection traits, including its premium base and gold zip detailing. The collection is available in bags including the Weekender and the Duffel, as well as our brand new Kit bag. 

What inspires you? Tag us on @mipacofficial #MiColours and let us know!