#MiColours - The Tumbled Blush Collection

Where do you see colour? As part of our new #MiColours movement, we're looking at all the colours and all the inspirations we see every day - every where - in every thing. At Mi-Pac we've always loved celebrating creativity, trying to create bags in every colour known to man in all shapes and sizes. We want to share with you a little insight into our buzzing brains on where we find our inspiration.

The Tumbled Blush is a beautiful shade of pink and cream. There's something very peaceful about pastels. Sometimes all your eyes need is a rest from your computer screens, and all the vivid colours we're seeing. We need something zen, and that's exactly what the blush does. It's a chilled, natural colour.

When we saw these donuts from Sweet Bloom Cakes, we saw the PERFECT food counterpart for the Tumbled Blush. Sweet Bloom Cakes do the majority of their baking in pastel colours and their buttercreams look de-licious.

Artist Marco Evaristti applied food colouring to the geysers in Iceland to create this effect, and is one of the best things we saw in 2015 for inspiration. There was a bit of uproar surrounding it but no damage was done to the local environment, which makes us love it even more.

The Tumbled Blush is new this season but we're confident it'll become popular and memorable as time goes on. The relaxed colourway is available in various Mi-Pac forms including the backpack, coin purse and washbag.