The Mi-Pac Indies - Love Lucy

The Mi-Pac world is a big place. Our bags are available internationally from east to west and north to south. As part of our Indies series, we talk to the independent stores about their Mi-Pac collections, what makes their city special, and a special look to go with a Mi-Pac of their choice. Mi-Pac is all about the world's inspirations and exploring its cities and its inhabitants, celebrating all things creative.

Continuing on from the launch of our indie feature last month, we have been talking to the very lovely owner of the Manchester boutique ‘Love Lucy’. Lucy opened her self-titled store back in 2013 after a few years of working in management for premium clothing brands; she took the plunge and finally had a boutique to call her own. Not surprising really, as she even told her teacher at school all she wanted to do was ‘work in Topshop’.

Lucy hand picks everything herself, with the aim to create a collection that her customers can make their own. Alongside these beautiful pieces is her carefully selected range of Mi-Pac bags, opting for some of the colourful and floral backpacks, perfectly placed within her boutique vibe.

We wanted to ask Lucy more about her store and the area she chose to set up shop...

What's your favourite Mi-Pac from your store collection? 

The swing bag... Particularly the black as it goes with everything! It's nice that Mi-Pac has designed a backpack that's a little more girly but just as practical!

What's in your Swing Bag?

Too much stuff! I'm a "be prepared for every eventuality" person... so as well as the essentials like make up, money and phone, I'm that friend who has the spare roll of toilet paper with me just in case! 

Tell us about Love Lucy...

I opened in my current location a year ago almost to the day, it's a little bit Boho, with some girly vintage inspired pieces and everyday casual wear. A bit of everything! 

What's the best thing to do in Manchester, your local area?

There are so many bars and cafes to eat at down this road, but the local farmers market every last Saturday is my favourite.

What's the local customer like?

A real mix... you have your families and young professionals mainly now... They are very bohemian and chilled out... it's a bit cooler here than anywhere else in Manchester.

What do you wear with your bag?

Lots of stuff! They're good for day, night and the gym, but for the day a pair of jeans, denim jacket and an ankle boot or trainer

Head over to to check out their online stock, or see their Instagram at @lovelucychorlton.