#MiPacked - In Berlin with George Craig

What are your essentials? What can you not leave the house without? What's your must have backpack-sized essential if you were stuck on a desert island? We want to know the answers to all the essentials of the backpack enthusiast - what they bring to the gym, to school, to New Zealand, when they're touring. The list goes on as does the wonderful things people do in the world, and what they bring with them.

#MiPacked is part of our campaign to see what we bring to fuel our busy lives, introducing people from all walks of life.

This time we're with George Craig. This is one seriously multi-talented guy. He's the singer of One Night Only, a British band which formed in 2003 and since then has landed in the UK charts, with music videos alongside British favourite Emma Watson, who he then went on to model with in a Burberry campaign. The musician, author and model is pretty active on his Instagram alongside his blogger girlfriend @Meganellaby, where he shows off his love for music and his crazy travels.

We were lucky to get some words with Mr. Craig and he told us the highlights of his career to date. Playing for an audience including Orlando Bloom and Uma Thurman? Er, yes please.

What has been your most unreal moment to date?
One of my favourite moments in my career to date was playing on ‘The other stage’ at Glastonbury with my band One Night Only. I was wearing sparkly white jeans and a white low cut jumper, not one of my finest fashion moments looking back now... but someones gotta do it. #indie

When the sun is shining, where's your favourite place to be?
Preferably on a terrace or a balcony, LA will do, or somewhere pretty in Italy maybe… with a really large aperol spritz please, cheers!

What's been your most unforgettable live music experience? (as a performer or a spectator)
I played on top of a sky scraper in New York once for a Burberry party. Orlando Bloom and Uma Thurman were dancing next to my mum… was mad.

What are your three essentials as a musician?
My 1960s gretsch country gentlemen, a fender strat, a nice acoustic.

What food best describes you?
Mum's spaghetti bolognaise 

What's in the bag?
Keys, passport, laptop, headphones, a toothbrush and a european plug adapter.