#MiColours - The Pebbled Collection

Where do you see colour? As part of our new #MiColours movement, we're looking at all the colours and all the inspirations we see every day - every where - in every thing. At Mi-Pac we've always loved celebrating creativity, trying to create bags in every colour known to man in all shapes and sizes. We want to share with you a little insight into our buzzing brains on where we find our inspiration.

The Pebbled collection is where disco meets nature. Named after the pebbles on a beach, the pebbled texture brings the rocks to life through accessories with a bit of shine.

Fish scales can be super mesmerising. When we were children we used to read the books about fish scales being every colour of the rainbow. They can be so shiny, especially when they reflect the light that hits the water. It's the same affect the Pebbled bags have - they REALLY show off in the sunshine.

The rocky waterfalls are an often found scene in cinema. There is something strangely peaceful about the sound of flowing water, and visiting some of the most iconic waterfalls in the world such as Niagara Falls is definitely on our bucket list.