While we're no stranger to posting photos of our Mi-Pacs across our social media platforms, we love to see what our loyal Mi-Pac'ers are getting up to via #MIPAC. So whether you're using #MIPAC on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, we'll be keeping a keen eye for the most creative and the most stylish to feature on our own channels. 

 The past few months have been busy ones. #MIPAC has been going crazy with models and musicians, actors and acrobats, and a Mi-Pac favourite, DOGS. 

Premier Models, one of London's best modelling agencies, has been working on some Mi-Pac content with the lovely presenter Fenn O'Meally. Spotted on the street was @BillieBrown with her Red Patent backpack, who is one of Premier's star direct faces. 

 @ThommyMomsen showed us the power of the Black Patent with a matching coat. Uber German class.

 Also hailing from Germany was DJ @lov.ra, who's cat and bumbag combo is just a small part of her Mi-Pac collection. We've seen her with our brand new 24k Metallic Gold duffel too!

And last but not least: dogs. Thanks @Rubycoocavapoo!

 Share with us your #MIPAC photos or tag us on @MiPacOfficial and we'll be keeping an eye out!

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