The top 5 checklist for how to dazzle for Christmas.

1) Get a brilliant Christmas jumper. Preferably one with more colours than a bag of Skittles. Then go print on print and match with something from the Fairisle collection.

2) Embody the thought of tinsel wherever you go. Bring the festivities of Christmas with you carrying something from the metallic collection, packing your presents-to-be within your Rose Gold weekender.

3) Learn to love red. Red Patent that is.

4) Get your stocking fillers ready. Whether it's Wash Bags stuffed with candy canes, or wallets stuffed with chocolate coins. Practical, AND yummy.

5) Have a brilliant Christmas from #MiPac :)

We're looking really forward to seeing all the festivities shared on social, so if you're putting something up on Instagram, be sure to tag us on @mipacofficial! And in case you hadn't noticed, we've currently got a special offer going on: any weekender purchased means you can get a wash bag for £4.99. Season's greetings!