What to wear to the gym - Mi-Pac style

We've noticed there has been SO MUCH gym craze over the past few weeks. With all that follows the new year, there's the renewed gym passes and the healthy diets. We've definitely been braving the cold in the office and have our little gym breaks, whether it's running the streets or running the treadmill, or opting to cycle to/from work instead of standing on the busy underground. So with all the fitness craze going on, we've decided to run alongside the bandwagon and throw some sneak peeks at our SS15 collection which make grreeaaat gym bags.

The White Perforated Duffel

A personal favourite of the blogging team, we've taken our White Perforated Duffel all over the world (of which is yet to be revealed!). Minimal remains a strong trend this year, but it doesn't mean if you're wearing white and black it has to be boring - go for textures and prints. We've gone for monochrome with our gym gear, but if you're looking for a colour pop for your wardrobe, other accessories such as watches, headphones or even your water bottle might get you past running under the grey skies.

The Green Python Duffel

Everyone went crazy for the Python when we introduced the bag into our gold range. Now there's an extra special colour for the brave - introducing the Bright Green Python Duffel. The Spring/Summer brother of the Grey Python back in Autumn/Winter, it's a brilliant colour for those who stick to the usual black/grey/navy wardrobe. Another secret attribute to the bright green? You'll never lose this one among the bog-standard bags in the gym.

If you're really thinking about getting for a duffel for the new year or you're looking to add to your collection, we've changed our weekly Gold Mi-Pac giveaway to a weekly Duffel giveaway. Every week we're giving one lucky winner a Mi-Pac duffel - just sign up here!

Hope to see your Mi-Pac selfies in the gym - tag us at @MiPacOfficial or use the hashtag #MIPAC!