Mi-Pac has come a long way. From our humble beginnings, featuring several of our iconic designs which remain classic to this date, to the present, which has seen hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of designs and styles created alone and with others, the brand has truly grown.

For our retro week, we look back to some of our classic styles that have remained the backbone of the Mi-Community, something our fans and followers have helped us build! Some of them have been revamped, some have been updated to version 2.0, while others have stayed just the way they are - classic and timeless. Today we pay homage to some of our classic styles!

The All stars

Our Stars backpack has seen its many variants. There's been the pocket-only print, the Topstars, the bigger stars and then the smaller stars. The Allstars remains one of the most recognisable Mi-Pac bags to date, and from trend to trend it never goes out!

The Nordic

The iconic Nordic has never really needed to change. With us since the beginning, it defines the Classic Mi-Pac. In black, navy, and updated this season with the navy/charcoal and all black, the ultimate retro print will remain a loved part of the Mi-Community!