The #MiTrip Sight Series: Shanghai with Mr. Boy

So for our launch of the Sight Series, we wanted to scout out the most populated city in the world: Shanghai. UK blogger & writer Karlmond from Mr. Boy has spent over a year out in Shanghai, and shared with us some of his favourite sights and spots...

Shanghai has a population of over 14.35 million individuals - to put that into perspective, that's just under the combined population of Sweden and Norway. That's a lot of people. The busiest of streets are filled with tourists from all other parts of China, where there's plenty of local foods which though bizarre to the West, are seemingly normal in the East. The quiet gems include local community markets and street stalls, where there are still independent shoe repairs and electronics shops which serve the nearby locals. There's so much to summarise, which is exactly what Mr. Boy has done for us with some Mi-Pac photos, wrapping up some tips for your travelling pleasures.

Mr. Boy says...

Where to go?

The Bund is the waterfront area in central Shanghai and runs along the Huangpu River which divides Shanghai. At night, all the buildings light up to form one of the most impressive skylines you'll ever see.

Tianzifang (pronounced tien-ze-fung) is an arts and crafts district in the French Concession, where there's plenty of unique art pieces and odd architecture. It can get very, very busy so avoid national holidays, but it's worth heading down to experience the maze and enjoy the coffee.

Nanjing East Road is one of the main roads in Shanghai and is filled with street performers, tall buildings and plenty of places to shop. It's another one of those great places to visit at night, when everything lights up and all the families come out.

What to pack?

A map with landmarks in Chinese will help greatly. Many of the locals and taxi drivers don't speak a word of English, but there's English signs on the Metro (and signal - which is the best).

Mosquito bite cream is a must in the summer. It can get very, very hot and if you're not used to mosquitoes they'll get very annoying.

A camera because there will be no shortage of photo opportunities. You'll want to take a picture of e v e r y t h i n g.

We really loved Shanghai, and one of the main reasons was because we'd never seen so many people in one city before. Thanks for sharing Shanghai! Read Mr. Boy's own words on his website.

Follow the story as it continues via @MiPacOfficial | #MiTrip | #MiPac - With thanks to Mr. Boy and photo credits to Dom Fleming.

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