The #MiTrip Sight Series: Reykjavik

One of our loyal Mi-Pac'ers Philli from Italy travelled to the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, for a little icy exploration with some of our latest styles. The result? Some super cold, blue frosty photos. Enjoy the view/njóta útsýnisins.

Reykjavik, pronounced rey-kya-vik, is the largest city in Iceland. Considered as one of the cleanest, greenest and safest cities in the world, the city's population sits at around 120,000 -  roughly 1.4% of London's population. Iceland has some pretty amazing things going for it - in June and July some days have 24 hours of light, showing you a real midnight sun. Contrasting that, some days only have 4 hours of light, so you might want to reconsider somewhere else for working on your tan. There's hot springs; lava fields and smoky geysers - true representations of Nature's finest. There's the Blue Lagoon, which is essentially giant body temperature pool of water which is filled with nutrients for your skin, and much warmer than the lingering air. One final cool fact? You can go whale watching.

Here's Philli's thoughts on the beautifully calm city...