Pac it up! Pac it in! - City Essentials


Whether you are just heading into town for the day or hitting Europe for a weekend city break, don’t forget to pack your urban essentials…

Mi-Pac Tote Backpack

Well you have to have something to put it all in! With its spacious interior and sexy exterior, there is no better bag to float around the city with. Can be worn on your back or hand-held (with clever snappers that stop your straps dragging on the ground). The Black colour-way is sure to go with any outfit you have ever owned!

Flat Shoes

Surely a no brainer, right? Avoid blisters and the emergency plaster run and stick to comfortable shoes. These Old Skool Vans are pretty versatile and look great with most outfits.


Always good to look inconspicuous in a city full of spies! Even if the sun doesn’t shine, they look pretty cool and can spice up any look.


Always take a light scarf everywhere you go. They take up the teeniest amount of room and can be used as a blanket on the plane and can keep you warm on a chilly evening. Make sure you take a colour/tone/pattern that’ll work with everything else you’ve packed.


Cities are grubby.  Buy the ones for sensitive skin and you can use them to freshen up, as well as removing make up or city grime.

Notebook and Pen

 Create. Inspire. Repeat. Never go anywhere without a good old fashioned jotter and pen. You never know when you are likely to have that next brain wave!