Nom Nom Nom

 Nom, Nom, Nom…

 We are freaking doughnut crazy here today!

 In celebration of our new Doughnut-print backpack, we are revealing our 5 ultimate favourite doughnuts EVER!

  1. Straight in at number one is 'Crosstown Doughnuts'. Using a hybrid sough dough mix which give a really strong crumb and baked on a daily basis, there is literally nothing we don’t like about these culinary delights. Their Sea Salt Caramel Banana is off-the-chart delicious. You can find them in various locations throughout London -  but alas, it is 2017, so you can also order them online! 
  2. If you haven’t heard of Dum-Dum Donutterie, we don’t know where you have been hiding! Faves include The Creme Brulee/Strawberry and Cream and the Zebra Croughnut (That’s half croissant/half doughnut!) And to make it even better, they are baked and not fried, which means you do’t even have to think about the consequences! Hit them up in Brixton, Brighton, Croydon and Shoreditch, but again if not convenient, they deliver straight to your door. The Mixed Dozen box is a real delight. 
  3. Made in Hackney by the lovely Vicky herself – Vickys doughnuts is fast becoming the next sweet sensation. Their custom alphabet doughnuts are pretty cool for parties and events. Personally,  we are a massive fan of ‘The Homer’ - A Classic Rasberry and Lemon with delicate and colourful sprinkles. We are Literally drooling right now! 
  4. A Top 5 Doughnut list would not be complete without the classic Original Glaze’ Krispy Kreme. A cheaper and more accessible option but equally as scrumptious. You can pretty much get your hands on them in most places!
  5. In the midst of Borough Market, you can find ‘Bread Ahead’ It has somewhat of a cult following these days due to its array of mouth-watering doughnuts. The Salted Caramel option is insanely good. Filled with salted caramel ice-cream and topped with hand-made honeycomb. It is worth an early Saturday morning venture to grab hold of one, straight from the oven. 

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 Much love.