#MiPacStyle: Black on black on black with SassyBLACK

Each week we have been seeing all of your incredibly lovely photos on #MIPAC (THANKS!) and we’ve noticed there are some seriously cool, stylish individuals. Some of the ultimate trendsetters are also some of our favorite bloggers, and today we highlight the lovely Shope Delano AKA Sassy Black. 

We LOVE the way Shope is rocking our Ponyskin backpack. She’s got this brilliant sense of making one shade very diverse, teaching us all a lesson that not every look needs a bit of colour.

In one of her latest looks dubbed ‘Stripes and Leather’ she’s seen styling up her Satin Black Duffel in her typical all black repertoire. Stripes are classic, and pairing it up with an equally classic black duffel makes for a good timeless combo.

If you’re thinking about what bum bag to take for the upcoming festival season – look no further. As Shope says about her Black Perforated Bum Bag… “wearing a bumbag is life changing”. L i f e c h a n g i n g.

I love black and probably wear it 6 out of 7 days of the week. However I’m not elusive nor moody, in fact I am very smiley, and very positive person, and want to sprinkle sassiness all over the internet

Check out sassyBlack at www.sassyblack.com - and show us your style via #MiPacStyle!