#MiPacked - Lifestyle with Day of Rest

What are your essentials? What can you not leave the house without? What's your must have backpack-sized essential if you were stuck on a desert island? We want to know the answers to all the essentials of the backpack enthusiast - what they bring to the gym, to school, to New Zealand, when they're touring. The list goes on as does the wonderful things people do in the world, and what they bring with them.

#MiPacked is part of our campaign to see what we bring to fuel our busy lives, introducing people from all walks of life.

Today we talk to Aaron of Day of Rest. There's something very relaxing about the Brighton now London-based blogger. The site has a very clean aesthetic, no doubt influenced from his own love of design. He mostly writes about his travel, and his outfits are always shot somewhere scenic. From Edinburgh to Caracassonne in Southern France, Aaron KNOWS how to relax.

We love his clean pictures and wanted to know what were the essentials he took with him. Aaron broke it down and show used below...

When the sun is shining, where's your favourite place to be?

It would have to be Brighton. It’s the place I grew up and will always be the city I call home. There’s nothing better than spending an afternoon in the sun catching up with a couple of cold drinks, whether thats on the beach further out towards Hove - avoiding all the crowds - or outside a pub somewhere in the North Laines.

What's been your most memorable meal so far?

I’m a proper foodie, and for me it’s not just what’s on the menu that makes a good meal but also the company, so it’s really hard to choose my favourite. If I had to choose, it would either be brunch at Mr Bao’s in Peckham, lunch at the Rochelle School Canteen in Shoreditch or a Sunday roast in the Lion and Lobster down in Brighton.

What do you do to find inspiration?

The internet and other blogs is what first comes to mind; but to be honest, luckily for me, I am fortunate to have surrounded myself with creative and ambitious friends, who are always there to lend an ear or lend a hand when I’m struggling for new ideas. It’s not that I would necessarily go to them looking for inspiration, but being around positive people, who support you in what you do, always really helps.

Tell us about Day of Rest

One of the reasons I started Day Of Rest was because I was a frustrated creative; I’m a product and furniture designer by trade and for the two years after I graduated I found it really hard to find a job. And so for me the blog was my creative outlet. The second was to encourage myself to explore the city I lived in a little more and to make the most of my one day off I had a week, Sunday - hence Day Of Rest. I’ve been blogging for a year now and it has definitely evolved from what I originally aimed to do, I love taking pictures and being behind the camera, but at first I really didn’t enjoy the writing aspect of it, but now its something I’m growing to love more and more. The blog is mainly aimed at guys aged 20-30, and the content varies from travel, lifestyle, food and fashion - so basically everything I enjoy or get up to.

What do you like about living in London?

What I like most about living in London is that there is always something you haven’t done yet or a place you haven’t been. I’m lucky in that most of my friends are split between Brighton and London, so here I get best of both worlds as they’re just a stones throw away from each other.

What's in the bag

Aside from my camera I usually carry my kindle everywhere I go — you never know when you’re going to be stuck on a train longer than expected, and sometimes it’s nice to zone out for a while and have a good read. Depending on what the day’s got in store I might also have my sketchbook, a pair of headphones or a nice magazine too — hopefully sunglasses if the weather’s good!

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