#MiColours - The Mi-Pac Python Collection

Where do you see colour? As part of our new #MiColours movement, we're looking at all the colours and all the inspirations we see every day - every where - in every thing. At Mi-Pac we've always loved celebrating creativity, trying to create bags in every colour known to man in all shapes and sizes. We want to share with you a little insight into our buzzing brains on where we find our inspiration.

Starting with the darkest of all, black makes us think of the cities at night. Tokyo, London, Paris, New York, Shanghai, Las Vegas - these are all cities which come alive when the sun sets. Exploring a city at night can be a whole 'nother experience, as if you're seeing two different places in one trip. We've got New York here, where the diners never sleep and where all the crazy characters come out.


Then there's black food. The weird squid ink pasta, the love or hate it shiny black licquorice, the black sesame paste. Black coloured food is always odd because you want your food to be vibrant, but what's wrong with a little weird? One of the yummiest things we tried last year was charcoal lemonade. Yum.


The Python is part of our SS16 gold range and has been part of the Mi-Pac family in different shapes and forms for as long as we can remember. You've seen it in teal, you've seen it in cream, but now we've gone back to black and it's more premium than ever. A summary of all of our black inspirations, we present the Python.

What inspires you? Tag us on @mipacofficial #MiColours and let us know!