Inspired by Back to School

Back to school is right round the corner - whether you're starting your first day in the year above, or your first day at University, school is HERE.

Featuring our Allstars Backpack and our Classic Navy Backpack, our simple school inspired looks are definitely a way out of geek chic and just simply chic. White shirts aren't just meant for the evening, and nothing is cleaner than a crisp white shirt, whether you're a guy or a girl. Smart trousers go a long way, and we're really into pleats at the moment, with that 80s' fluid vibe. You also don't have to wear them with shoes all the time, and if you're running around, a pair of clean kicks is exactly what you need.

Our top tip for the new school year? Go in with fresh clothes. You've got a whole year to make them look worn and trendy.