We're in our second week into the new year and all our resolutions should be healthily under way. Whether it's wear more colour or say yes more often, 2017 should be ALL about positive vibes to leave 2016 in the dust.

What usually starts at the same time as a new year? A new gym membership. For all those gym fanatics and health gurus, we've rounded up some of our favourite gym styles to get your spring/summer 2017 to a fit start. A New Year a New You - as they say...!

 The Neoprene Dot

Keep your fabrics on point by going with the Neoprene. The sporty fabric remains understated for the gym but will not doubt be one of the finest to hit the lockers.

The Rubber Black

The most important thing about a gym bag is keeping your gym goodies fresh and that it's structured enough to hold all your changes of clothing, without creasing them. The Rubber duffel might be just the extra support.

The Art Deco Blush

Who says you need to wear black to the gym? If you've invested in some new kit, you might as well go with a flashier bag. <3